Electronics WITH ARDUINO


Circuits, Sensors, and Scripting
introduction to Electronics

Grades: MIDDLE SCHOOL & HIGH SCHOOL | Beginner to Advanced

Recommended Grades: Middle & High School

Grade Skill Level: Beginner to Advance

Prerequisite: None

Course Duration: 4 Weeks

Program Fee: $124.99


Course Description

Arduino is hardware and software that can interact with
buttons, LEDs, motors, speakers, GPS units, cameras, the
internet, and even your smart-phone or your TV. It is the
perfect platform to create your own devices and

This hands-on class is great for students who like learning
by doing. You will learn the basics of electronics and
build and program simple devices using Arduino.
Students interested in a career in electrical engineering,
automation, robotics, electronics, or computer
programming would benefit from this course.

What’s cool: Students will create Arduino controlled devices by learning basic electronics and programming. Arduino is the “brain” with many applications including robotics.


How Will
My Child Benefit?

  • Problem solving
  • Critical reasoning
  • Confidence
  • Mechanical ability
  • Abstract thinking
  • Sense of accomplishment

Skills Developed:

  • Electronics
  • Micro computing systems
  • Create  interactive objects or environments
  • Electrical engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Robotics
  • Automation