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School Programs

Kids That Code, Inc. brings the convenience of S.T.E.A.M. education to your child’s school. We offer before-school, intra-school, and after-school programs, as well as professional development for teachers. Our programs are customized to meet the S.T.E.A.M. requirements needed to align with the school’s objective in providing education in technology to their students.


What we offer

Kids That Code Live Instruction Program

Live Instruction School Programs

Kids That Code Professional Development Section

Profesional Development

Kids That Code Career Day Presentation Section

Career Day


Topics Taught and Explored:

  • 2D Game Development on platforms such as Scratch
  • 3D Game Development on platforms such as Kodu, Roblox, and Unity
  • 3D Character Design on platforms such as Tinkercad and Blender
  • Electronics on platforms such as Arduino
  • Coding using languages such as Blockly, Lua, C++, C#, Python, & others
  • Robotics on platforms such as LEGO
  • Virtual Reality on platforms such as Oculus
Kids That Code Topics To Learn School Programs
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