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Coding Crash Course for Teachers


We have learned that once the decision has been made to teach computer programming to children, the instructors can face an increasing amount of stress and frustration. The reason is simple. Most instructors do not have any knowledge of computer programming concepts and their application. We have developed our Coding Crash Course for Teachers workshop to teach basic computer programming skills by utilizing the most popular program for teaching kids coding – Scratch©.

Our accelerated workshop is designed for the individual with no prior knowledge or experience with computer programming. Our instructors will teach basic principles in computer programming in “plain English” with hands-on activities and exercises to reinforce concepts.

What you will learn!

Computer Science

Learn how computer science is used in the Scratch environment

Scratch Environment

Explore the way in which the Scratch environment mimics computer programming

Code in Scratch

Explore blocks of code within the various “palettes” in Scratch©

Variables in Programming

How to create, initialize, and manipulate variables for use in programming

Truth Tables

Learn truth tables for AND, OR, and NOT logic gates

Control Structures

Learn how to use control structures such as If/Then and If/Then/Else statements


You will also learn

In addition, attendees will benefit from our years of experience teaching computer programming to children by receiving the following information:

  • Tips, tricks, and best practices using Scratch©
  • Hardware and software to consider when teaching computer programming
  • What to do after the Hour of Code©
  • Teacher reference manual
  • A set of exclusive Scratch© lesson plans and activities for teachers to implement immediately
  • Certificate of completion
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